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Middlebury College

Middlebury is an undergraduate college; a graduate school for international studies; a home for immersive language study; a graduate school for the study of literature, literacy, and pedagogy; a leader of schools abroad sites that span the globe; and a home for the oldest and most prestigious writers’ conference in the world.

Middlebury’s School of Hebrew combines the best of two worlds—a time-tested curriculum and an immersion learning environment.


Middlesex University London

At Middlesex, you learn in a global community of ambitious students like you as well as academics, professionals and artists, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. We give you a quality education and surround you with the right opportunities and career support to get you where you want to go.

We teach using examples of innovative practice and new research here. What you learn on your course is relevant to what’s happening now and will help you make an impact on the future. This means you build specialist skills for your subject and develop a flexible outlook for your career.



At STADIO, we believe in the future of our nation. We want to make a difference by offering greater access to higher education, ensuring that every South African has the opportunity to become the most empowered version of themself.

By investing in the human potential all around us, we can grow minds, dreams and employment to ultimately benefit our nation as a whole.


The Academy of Jewish Thought & Learning

The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning is a vibrant, Modern Orthodox programme for Jewish thought, scholarship and education that seeks to inspire adults with a lifelong love of Jewish learning.

They are the largest Jewish adult learning programme in South Africa today. With over 1 500 students countrywide, the Academy offers a unique style of empowering, adult learning coupled with exposure to some of South Africa’s top Jewish educators.

The Academy showcases the best of relevant Jewish thought and values within the traditional Jewish community – the result of which is that many intelligent Jews, who had once dismissed Judaism as a source of any bearing to their lives, have re-engaged.


The London School of Jewish Studies

The London School of Jewish Studies is a world class centre of teaching and learning. They are the premier provider of teacher training for the UK Jewish community, rated Outstanding by OFSTED across all of their programmes.

They provide innovative, accessible and intellectually rigorous lifelong learning opportunities within their campus and around the community.


The National Education Development Programme

The National Education Development Programme is the first project in South Africa to drive 21st century Jewish Educational Leadership, Training and Enrichment. The Academy has created a host of options for Jewish educational professionals — from Adult Educators to School Educators and Rabbis and Rebbetzins to Leaders in these areas.

They have courses to provide knowledge and skills, enabling access to programmes all the way to the Bachelors and Masters level. Depending on your personal circumstances, experience and previous educational qualifications, NED will offer you a number of different options.



Our partners have been carefully selected and vetted in order to provide our members with the best available courses, education, accreditation and support.

By providing access to the best quality resources we have ensured that every SAJEP member is positioned for success.


We have provided funding for educators from the following schools across South Africa in achieving long term degree and programme success.


Cape Town Torah High

CTTH was established in 2013 organically by a group of parents, passionate about two things: the highest standards of international education, and a commitment to Torah values and Judaics (Kodesh) curriculum.? We have since grown into a community institution that is creating an educational and Jewish option in Cape Town that was previously non-existent, and has placed the city on the map of the great and vibrant Torah communities.


King David Schools

King David Schools, under the auspices of the South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE), are a network of 11 Jewish co-educational day schools offering nursery through to high school education, as well as remedial primary school education (King David Ariel).

King David Schools are located at five campuses across Johannesburg: Linksfield, Victory Park, Sandton, Minnie Bersohn and Waverley (Rosebelle Klein Nursery School).


Sandton Sinai

Sandton Sinai's mission is to create an exceptional educational environment, where outstanding teachers kindle in our learners an authentic love for living Torah. Sandton Sinai is a school that nurtures its learners into impeccably balanced individuals whose academic excellence, and genuine care and respect for others shines through.


Yeshiva College South Africa

Yeshiva College is focused on creating a nurturing environment where dual education (Torah studies and general studies) work harmoniously together to shape our students for life as responsible Torah Jews with exceptional values and strong skills. We equip our learners with skills to thrive in the Torah, professional and academic worlds.


United Herzlia Schools

Herzlia is a Jewish community school aimed at providing a Jewish and secular education to the Jewish youth of Cape Town, regardless of religious affiliation. We are aligned to Orthodox Judaism and recognize the centrality of Israel as the natural home of the Jewish People.


Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School

Phyllis Jowell prides itself on being a caring community of pupils, teachers and staff who foster pride
in each pupil’s developing abilities while promoting social development. We build the essence of
community each day in every classroom, touching all of our pupils. We know that no meaningful
learning can happen unless pupils feel safe and nurtured. We teach children to act responsibly, take
responsibility, and treat each other with respect.


Torah Academy

Torah Academy is a community school founded on the teachings of Chabad philosophy. Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision, our students are given the foundation for a lifelong love of Hashem , Torah, Mitzvos, the Jewish people, and Israel. While uncompromisingly committed to Torah values, we welcome every Jewish child with unconditional love.



Anonymous Funders

These are donors who are committed to Jewish Studies and Hebrew Education in South Africa


The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education

The Pincus Fund is committed to nurturing inspiring educational leaders and supporting their most innovative ideas to ensure our children’s commitment to Israel, the Jewish people and our heritage.

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